Tourist/Business Visa

The common type of visas includes:

1)      Single entry visa (valid only for one visit)
2)      Multiple entry visa : allows any number of visits within its validity period
3)      Business Visa : For a short visit to conduct discussions, negotiations, and/or presentations, but not take up employment.

Requirement for all Temporary Resident Visa applicants

Temporary Resident Visa Application form with three recent, original passport sized photos
1 Personal Information Form.
2 Use of a Representative form (IMM 5476). 
3 Personal documentation of applicant. 
a) Proof of employment/business ownership, partnership, business Licenses/registration for applicant and/or spouse.
b) Letter from employer/school which indicates that applicant(s) have  been granted leave
c) Proof of personal funds. 
d) Income Tax Returns for the past two years.
e) Bank Statements / bank books / bank certificates .
f) NB: Cash, travellers cheques or credit cards are not accepted as proof of funds.

Requirements for Tourist Visitors

1 Letter of invitation and/or statutory declaration of support .
2 Proof of immigration status of invitor (if invitor is private individual) - this may include a photocopy of permanent resident card, passport, or citizenship card. 
3 Financial documentation of invitor: a) Notice of Assessment b) Proof of employment c) Proof of invitor's existing funds.